WES Conference 2014 - Susan Lattanzio - a PGR view

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Just wanted to share my experience at the November 2014 WES Conference with you all. As a recent recruit to the engineering field (my first degree is in Environmental Science), I was interested in joining the ‘community’ and making some contacts.  The WES Conference was an excellent forum for this with many early / mid career engineers attending, and inspirational engineers speaking.  The format of the event meant that Friday dinner gave me an excellent opportunity to mingle, and exchange LinkedIn contact details.  So, as a networking opportunity, I would definitely recommend attending! However, although my main purpose was to make contacts, I actually came away from the Conference having gained a lot more than that.  WES recognises that to become a ‘great engineer’ requires more than just engineering ability; you need to be able to communicate, think critically, and have confidence in your abilities and what you offer to a project or organisation.  To support this, the Conference offered seminars by business leaders and management specialists that gave additional skills and challenged your way of thinking by providing new ideas and perspectives. In summary then: Was the WES Conference worth attending? Absolutely, I’ll be putting my name down for next year!

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