About us

This is the blog of the Academic Assembly's Accountability and Transparency Working Group. Our group comprises elected members of the Academic Assembly and it is inclusive in terms of its gender balance and its representativeness across different grades. We aim to advance accountability and transparency in the governance and management of the University.

We want to use his blog as a means of communication with our colleagues of the Academic Assembly and beyond to offer them a record of our activities, actions and reflections, as well as providing our community with resources and inspirational material and innovative proposals for enhancing accountability, transparency and participation in the governance and management of the University of Bath.


The members of this working group are from different departments across the University:

  • Robert Kelsh (Biology and Biochemistry) (Chair)
  • Sarah White (Social and Policy Sciences) (Secretary)
  • Sabina Gheduzzi (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Hartmut Logemann (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Elke Pawlowski (Skills Centre, Languages)
  • Theo Papadopoulos (Social and Policy Sciences)