July 2014

  • Uni Hall Lectern - First Render Design

    The first look at the design for the lectern is back to us: This isn't the complete design! But it is the start point for it. This is the view from the audience perspective.    

  • Uni Hall Update

    Uni Hall continues to go along well. The hearing support system (loop) is already fitted, and the carpet is beginning to go in. The projection booth glass has also been coated to reduce sightlines into the booth. It's right on...

  • UniHall Update - 25 July

    The Hall is progressing well. The Hearing Loop is now being installed, and one of our new projectors has arrived to test out the image throw. The test has been very successful. The new projector is full Laser, full HD....

  • Uni Hall Upgrade - Update #1

    The seats have now gone.

  • University Hall Upgrade

    Work has begun this week on upgrading University Hall in 2W. The Hall will have new AV, new furniture, new carpets, new paintwork. The AV will include the first HD laser projector in a University. We're still in the very...

  • Bendy screens?


  • Intel Wall

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYMd-7Ng9Y8 Interesting idea of function.....