Tips for new students

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We asked some of our current students: What tip would you give to a new student? Here are some of their best ones:

"Keep your door open whilst you unpack to meet your housemates” – Megan

"Go to as many tasters for sports and societies as you can, try new things because you may find your new favourite hobby!” – Rob

"Stock up on tins and dried foods if you're not catered! Pasta, rice etc. You can keep these in your room without it going bad” – Amelia

"Give yourself some extra time to get to your first few lectures, some places are a little tricky to find.  Use the Campus Map to help you out" - Ruth

"Whenever you do any shopping, in person or online, don’t forget to ask if there is student discount! You can buy an NUS Totum card for Student discounts" Juhi

"If you are an international student, joining the cultural societies such as the Hong Kong Society and BUASS can be helpful in making new friends. The World Cafes organised by the Bath International Students' Association is also a great way to meet other international students" - Ananya

"Take time for yourself. Letting people know when you’re just going off for twenty minutes to relax or call someone is all good. This is your home now, don’t worry if you need to say when you need a little break" - Hannah

"Have lots of Tupperware so you can save money by freezing meals or taking packed lunches" - Divija

"Save numbers for Security and other things like that on campus, in case you're locked out or need help, you can call security and they can help you” -Sarah

"If you live outside of Bath normally, get a 16-25 railcard to save money, some student bank accounts gives you this for free for 4 years” – Ben

"Remember all the support that is available to you at University.  So if you feel like you need someone to talk to get in contact with Student Services

Let us know in the comments below if you have more tips.

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