Be Well Week 2020

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Juhi Parmar, a 2nd year Architecture student, talks about Be Well Week:

This year Be Well Week will be running from Monday 16 March to Friday 20 March. There will be lots of free activities and events running during this week that encourage student wellbeing. Have a look at the timetable and sign up!

It is a really good way to get involved, meet new people and start keeping healthy habits, as most of these activities continue after Be Well Week. It's no secret that taking breaks and finding time some time for yourself will help improve your overall well-being so take the opportunity to try something new.

Here are some of the events and activities and I am particularly looking forward to:

Dog walking

I mean, how can this not be on the list! Spending time with dogs helps reduce stress and anxiety and promotes heart health. Taking a walk will help you to get some exercise as well. These sessions run every Monday so you can come along after Be Well Week too.


This session is led by a drama therapist that will give you an insight into how to actively participate in activities such as storytelling, role-playing, games and improvisation which can help you to improve your interpersonal skills.

Cooking classes (for various levels of ability)

Even if you think you can cook, sign up to one of these sessions to learn something new about cooking from an experienced chef so that you can make easier, healthier and tastier meals. This year we have classes for people of different abilities so you will definitely find something for you!

Bullet Journaling

Need a new, fun way to stay organised? Come along to learn how to make a bullet journal to keep track of your tasks, goals and plans. You will get to have a look at some examples to make yours more creative. Materials will be provided.

Wellbeing Walks

Take a walk around campus and to Sham Castle where there are stunning views of the city. Walking will help you to get some exercise and fresh air that will keep you healthy mentally and physically. There are various sessions over the week that you can sign up for.

I led one of the Wellbeing Walks in October where I got to meet new people and appreciate the greenery on campus. Personally, it helped me to take a break from my lectures and all the coursework I had to do. When I was back, I could focus on my studies better.


Mindfulness and meditation can help you to calm down and relax after a long day. With regular practice you will be able to focus better, reduce stress and ease anxiety. Join the University of Bath Meditation society to keep up the habit!


Practicing yoga helps to improve overall fitness along with flexibility, balance, and strength. This can help improve performance in other sports too. With regular practice it can boost energy, reduce stress and help you breathe better. Join the University of Bath Yoga Society to keep up the habit!

As students, we have a lot of things on our plate and it is very easy to forget to take time out for ourselves. So take this opportunity to prioritise your wellbeing.

I hope to see you there!

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