Plant it, Eat it

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Follow our simple guide on planting easy container plants in any space you have, window sills, hanging off your shower cubicle, sitting on your cupboard. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to grow fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables and this a great time of the year to get started.

You can plant from seed though it takes longer and there is a lot more effort involved or you can pop down to most shops and buy little pots for no more than a pound. Some of the easiest things to grow are salads, herbs, strawberries and tomatoes. As for the pots, I’ve improvised with deep containers lying around.

If you have the basics, good soil, a small spade and a little plant food it will take you just a few minutes to get your mini garden planted. Pay attention to where you place them though. Strawberries and tomatoes need a sunny or part sunny location, indoors or out and must not be allowed to dry out.

  1. Water the plants you bought thoroughly at least 24 hours before you replant them.
  2. Make sufficient drainage holes in old buckets, Tupperware and aluminium foil etc.
  3. Keep the labels that come with the plants and put them back into the permanent containers so you have the instructions to hand.
  4. Place compost (you can buy a small bag for less than £2) almost to the top of each container and make a well in the middle. Add a small teaspoon of plant food.
  5. Gently remove the plant from the pot and place in the container. Pat the compost all around and water well again.

Plants need sunshine, water, care and very little else. Don’t worry about fancy tomato cages, strawberry supports or complex gardening solutions. Keep an eye on your plants, follow the instructions that come with them and it’s likely your herbs, fruit and veg will grow and end up in your favourite dishes.

Once they start to flower and fruit, give them a helping hand. Use sticks to support the tomato plant and make sure the strawberries are kept off the soil. If planting outdoors keep an eye on pests otherwise they will eat your produce before you do. Harvest your salad and herbs regularly and they will continue to grow. Find out if you have green fingers and you could be pleasantly surprised.

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