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Each month we ask our International Wellbeing Ambassadors some questions to find out how they’ve got on living in the UK. This month hear from Kaylee, a Psychology student originally from Malaysia.

What is the biggest similarity between your hometown/country and Bath/UK?

Tea! The UK and Malaysia converge on tea culture. The habit of drinking tea combined with milk and sugar is highly celebrated in both countries. While it’s usually served hot and accompanied with array of scones and cakes here in the UK, Malaysian also have a love for milk tea served cold with tapioca pearls.

What do you miss most about your home country? How have you overcome this, was there a positive outcome?

Coming from a country known as a food paradise, Malaysia’s heritage food is one I found myself missing a lot. Although I’ve tried many times to replicate it in the kitchen, the taste still fails to hit the same. However, my occasional visits to Malaysian restaurants in London helps satisfy my cravings.

What’s something surprised you about moving to/living in the UK?

It shocked me when the first daylight savings ends. Having to say goodbye to the Sun as early as 4pm is weird and even my diet changes with the nights being longer than usual.

What are your top three things to do in Bath?

Café-hopping, swimming in the STV, and exploring different running paths.

Are you part of any clubs/societies at Uni or in Bath?

Jiu Jitsu and Burban.

What do you love most about living in Bath?

The scenery in Bath never fails to surprise me. The fact that Bath is so hilly is what makes its view such beautiful. I am not a nature person but Bath has turned me into one! Few of my many favourite paths are Kelston Round Hill and Two Tunnels Greenway.

What’s your favourite place to eat/favourite takeaway in Bath?

Hondo makes great Japanese and Korean food. I’d make sure to visit and order a Salmon Terriyaki Don every so often.

What’s the best or worst thing you’ve eaten since being in the UK?

A little birdie once introduced me to scotch eggs as a crap tier British food but I personally loved it and have since enjoy it with salads. Crumpets also is another good one. I have it every day for breakfast – they’re especially yummy when the runny egg yolk soaks through the crumpets.

Is there somewhere in Bath/UK that you’d like to go but haven’t been yet?

I would love to see Bath in a hot air balloon someday.

What’s your favourite or weirdest UK tradition you have learnt about?

Bonfire Night is a lovely tradition with s’mores and firework displays. But ever since learning about the story behind it, the celebration seems bizarre to me. It goes way back when a man named Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the British House of Parliament. He was caught and executed in an inhuman way. To celebrate this, people recreate him out of different materials, and burn it on the bonfire!

What’s your favourite British slang/word?

Toilet has never sound so fancy and less disgusting ever since I learned about “loo”

What’s your top tip for International Students?

Put yourself out there and embrace whatever life throws at you J It could be hard when home is more than 1000 miles away and it’s so much more comforting to remind yourself that everyone else is in the same boat. Immerse yourself with an interest by joining clubs/societies or even plan one nice thing to do for yourself everyday would be my top tip to enhance your university experience.

Posted in: Life in the UK


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