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We’ve been asking our International Outreach Ambassadors some questions to find out how they’ve adapted to life in the UK. Kashish is a second year, BSc Management with Marketing student.

 What is the biggest similarity between your hometown/country and Bath/UK?

The people back home in India and Bath are extremely warm and friendly!

What’s surprised you about moving to/living in the UK?

I was surprised by the drinking culture in the UK. Back home the legal drinking age is 21+ so I was taken aback when I saw pubs on campus.

What do you miss most about your home country? How have you overcome this, was there a positive outcome?

The food in India is just so flavourful and comforting and I miss home cooked hot meals the most. The only way to overcome this was for me to learn how to cook some basic dishes that make me feel good after a long day of work. I can proudly say that I am pretty good at it now.

What are your top three things to do in Bath?

I love going for picnics at the Royal Crescent on sunny days. My friends and I hit up Sainsbury's and get our favourite cupcakes, drinks, and fresh fruits. Sometimes, when we're feeling extra enthusiastic, we even create our own cheese board and just bask in the sunshine while listening to music.

During the winter break ice skating at ‘Bath on ice’ was definitely the highlight, particularly getting into the holiday mood, and watching my friends struggle to maintain their balance.

Finally, café hopping is something that I love doing all throughout the year. Bath has cosy and quaint cafes serving incredible coffee and stories.

Are you part of any clubs/societies at Uni or in Bath?

Yes, I am the Vice Chair of the Bath Indian Society, which is the largest cultural society on campus!

What do you love most about living in Bath?

The gorgeous Roman architecture and the fact that Bath is extremely safe make me love living here.

What’s your favourite place to eat/favourite takeaway in Bath?

I am a very big foodie which is why I can’t pick one restaurant but I have to admit, Bath has numerous Thai restaurants and all of them have incredible food. I specifically love the vegetarian green Thai curry.

What’s the best or worst thing you’ve eaten since being in the UK?

The best thing I ate was a Cornish pasty- available in Bath’s city centre.

Is there somewhere in Bath/UK that you’d like to go but haven’t been yet?

I would love to visit Cambridge.

What’s your favourite or weirdest UK tradition you have learnt about?

I love that the British celebrate Bonfire Night. The fireworks display is almost magical and reminds me of Diwali in India.

What’s your favourite British slang/word?

I think I have been using ‘calm’ and ‘fairs’ a lot.

What’s your top tip for International Students?

Be yourself. Try everything, and make the most out of this incredible once in a lifetime opportunity.  There will be days where you will feel lonely and homesick, but you will also make friendships from all over the globe that will last you a lifetime.


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