Making the most of the start of university

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Here are my tips on how to make the most of the start of university: 

1. Talk to everyone! 

Moving into university can be daunting and many people feel nervous when they first move in. Although meeting new people can often be nerve-wracking, I recommend that you talk to everyone! You don’t know what interests you might share, and you may even make a friend for life!

2. Attend events/activities that interest you 

University is a great opportunity to continue a hobby or even start a new one. There are a wide range of societies, sports, and activities at Bath, and attending events that interest you (even if it means going alone!) is a great way to meet others with similar interests and do something fun.

3. Get organised early on 

Ensuring that you are organised from the beginning of university is a key way to make sure you stay on top of your work and are managing your time effectively. Everyone works differently, but a great way to stay organised is through having a physical or digital planner, or to do list, where you can tick off completed tasks and stay on top of deadlines. I would also recommend trying out different study spaces on campus and in town to see which study environments suit you best. For quiet spaces, I recommend the campus library and the Norwood study space. If you prefer a bit of background noise, I recommend the Management Building (10 East), 4W Café and Coffee #1 in the city.  

4. Learn how to budget 

It can be tricky to manage your money when you first move into university, so it is important to learn how to budget and keep track of your spending's early on. There are many different budgeting apps you can get, or you could use the traditional method of noting down and totalling up your spending's each week. For more money advice, visit the Student Money Advice webpages and if you have a more specific question, you can contact them or book an appointment. 

5. Make time for your wellbeing 

Starting university can be busy and often overwhelming, so it is important to make time for your  wellbeing. A great way to do this is by having some down time each day, for example to read a book, watch an episode of a TV show or by going on a walk. Student Support also offers a range of activities, such as dog walking and craft workshops to help you to look after your wellbeing; find out more about Be Well events. For more information, follow the Student Support Instagram and Twitter. If you feel you need further support, please contact Student Support for more information.

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