Winter at Bath – What to do?

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It could feel daunting to spend the Christmas holiday in a big city in Bath. Apart from walks around the Royal Crescent, Alexandra Parks and going up to the Millenium Viewpoint, there is also a variety of options to keep you busy and engaged with your social life. Here’s a guide to some of my favourite activities!

Bath Christmas Market

This has to be one of the most popular Christmas events in Bath. Every year, around December, the city will be decorated all over by festive lights and ornaments. Thousands of people from around the country flood in to see the market; it gets crowded and lively, an amazing scene for those who like a bit of rowdy city noises. The abbey will be lit up, and there will be a large Christmas at the city centre. There are a wide range of stuff you can see and buy at the market, from handcrafted Christmas ornaments and maps to food and drinks like hot chocolate and homebrewed cider.

This year, the market will open on November 23 and close on December 10. Make sure to walk around and take in the sights, browse for some gifts and food too!


Bath Christmas Market Stands What to Do in Bath

Bath on Ice

If you know how to ice-skate, Bath on Ice is the perfect place to go over Christmas. The whole place looks pretty magical with all the lights, colours and music.

Apart from skating, they also have Glow Golf, a bar that provides warm food and drinks. It’s perfect for a night to feel the magic of Christmas, whether you’re alone or with friends. It’s also close to the Victoria Park, which is a nice walk during the brisk winter days. Beware that the sun sets early during the winter, though, and that it starts getting dark at around 5!








Winter At Bath Programmes for International Students

The university is also going to hold a wide range of events specifically for international students who aren’t able to go home over Christmas. It’ll be a nice opportunity to meet new friends and bond with like-minded people through common activities. Below are a few highlights, but for all the events that we’re putting together, be sure to check back on our page!

Trip to Longleat

Longleat is home to the first Safari Park to be opened in the UK. Visitors normally go around on a safari bus to see over 120 species, from lions to giraffes. Apart from being able to appreciate the beautiful animals up close, visitors can also have a look at the stunning Longleat house, which is an Elizabethan house and the residence of the Marquesses of Bath.

Over Christmas, Longleat will be lit up in a Narnia-themed Festival of Light, which has always been an incredibly popular event in the UK. All international students are welcome to sign up to this trip for a discounted price of £26 (the normal price for both Festival of Lights and a day tour at Longleat is at around £40 per person)! It would be a magnificent experience.


Xmas at Longleat


Another exciting outing that has been planned is a trip to the Theatre Royal Bath to watch the pantomime, which is going to be Sleeping Beauty this year. Pantomime is a form of engaging, loud and musical comedy that is a Christmas tradition in the UK. Audience participation is a great part of a pantomime show, interacting with the cast and responding to the plot. I personally have never watched a pantomime before, but from all the reviews my friends have given, they sound like amazing shows and I’m very much looking forward to it!

Panto curtains

Meals with Mates

Another exciting thing you could do in Bath this Christmas is to sign up for the ‘Meal with Mates’ event, which allows students to get into groups and go around to one another’s house for meals. It’ll be a nice opportunity to make new friends, and what’s a better way to build new connections than having food and drinks at a comfortable, low-cost setting? If you love food or love cooking as much as I do, this is the perfect event for you to brighten up your holiday!

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