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  1. If you could go back…what advice would you give to yourself at the start of your first year?

Get involved! There’s a variety of events that occur and opportunities to get involved in…so much so the choice is unlimited! Try to do as many of these events as possible which can improve skills and form new friendships such cooking sessions (great meal hack), society taster events, career events which you can find from the SU, Myskills pages. Also get involved/sign up for leadership roles such as Degree Ambassadors or other such post advertised in the SU pages which also help with CV building and if that’s not enough - free pizza and a hoody!


  1. What is your best student hack?


Going to the Roman Baths for free with you student ID card.. so much Bath students graduate without ever going and never discovering the one place our city is best known for!


  1. Favourite meal to share with friends?


Pasta – easy to customise and suit all tastes and fun to cook - can even get gluten free options too!


  1. What café, restaurant or place in town is your favourite?


Greggs – comfort-food bakes that remind me of home at a cheap price and for a night with friends, Las Iguanas – a new Latin/Mexican restaurant with drinks galore and food with surprisingly large portions to enjoy.


  1. What is your hidden gem in Bath?


Prior Park Gardens – a beautiful spot for picnics, which you can walk to from campus, or the Skyline walk and enjoy unparalleled views over Bath as well as take pictures on the romantic Georgian Palladian bridge - one of only four of this design left in the world!


  1. What do you do to unwind?


Take walks around local parks or on campus with my friends such as the woodlands or to Sham Castle to admire the view of the city!

  1. How do you like to spend your time with friends?

Playing badminton or tennis on courts which you can book for free on campus in the STV (great student hack!)

  1. What is your best money saving tip?

Buying groceries in Lidl and frozen fruit and veg in Iceland  – you can do a big shop at cheap prices all in a day pass bus ticket and using loyalty apps for restaurants, stores you regularly buy from – especially coffee shops which have the biggest savings!


  1. Who or what picks you up when you are down?

My roommates, friends and family always know when I’m not feeling like myself and constant communication with loved ones is always great advice as a student to help de-stress after a long day! Playing board games and bringing on my competitive spirit after a nice meal with my roommates always gives me that boost to get down to some work!


  1. What’s your worst habit?

Sleeping in and having to rush for lectures - though having a good 8 hours of sleep is very important - so is leaving your accommodation at an early time to catch the bus which is normally delayed or too full to reach lectures/workshops on time! Snooze button on the alarm is the worst enemy!


  1. What helps you focus or be productive?


Jotting things down on my calendar with notifications through the day and setting reminders in the week of things I need to work on each day always keeps me on track. Thus, I don’t forget the tasks I need to finish and by ticking them off I get the satisfaction to complete more!


  1. Best place to go for some fresh air?


Alexandra Park is the ideal place due to the 360 view that is gorgeous at sunset but the more realistic places are local parks such as Henrietta gardens or either Bathwick and Widcombe Hill close to campus - each with equally stunning views of the city!


  1. What couldn’t you live without?


Mozzarella cheese - which is a staple in my fridge (fresh balls and grated) which I use for my go-to, heart-warming dishes such as pastas and toasties which I always need after a long stressful day of lectures and deadlines


  1. What is your favourite song and why?


Standing in the hall of fame by the Script featuring – I’ve been following the band and a lot of their hits from a young age, so it bring back fond memories and this song is a gem due to the great percussion elements and fantastic rapping by who always makes anything he’s featuring in better! The melodious and catchy chorus with positive messages to help motivate me if I’m lacking confidence or need to get through a gym session makes it one of my all-time favourites


  1. Best piece of advice you have been given?


Do the next best thing - even if you can’t think of the big picture, do one positive thing like tidying your room or reaching for helping as that can lead to more and ultimately reaching the end goal and even if you think you’ve reached absolute rock-bottom, the only way is up!


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