Starting the New Year Right - Habit Tracking and the benefits

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The clock strikes midnight, the air feels new and you start to reflect on the year you just had. It likely had it's ups and downs with many new experiences, but often I end up with a, "did I achieve what I wanted to this year?"

How can you get the most out of your year, reach your goals and hold yourself accountable?

We're going to be taking a look at the benefits of Journalling and Habit tracking for your new year.

What can habit tracking do for you?

  1. Helps you to stay focused on your goals
  2. Improves gratitude, self awareness and promotes reflection
  3. Gives you a sense of accomplishment
  4. Helps you to stay accountable
  5. Gives you a way of seeing how far you've come
  6. Motivation for the future
  7. Helps you to stay heathier when tracking water or sleep
  8. Helps you to stay organised
  9. A mindfulness evening activity to settle yourself
  10. Helps to build positive habits

If you think habit tracking could help to kickstart your year right, We have a free habit tracker and journal section to the Be Well app.









Posted in: Wellbeing


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