Eating Well on a Budget at Exam Season

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University is a rich and exciting time full of ups and downs, but if there's one sure thing to spike the stress levels, it'll be when exam season starts to loom in and the revision actually needs to go into your brain. In stressful times, understandably, everything other than studying can go out the window (I'm picturing an energy drink dwelling sleep deprived student here). Although it's important to get the revision done and deadlines met, we also need to take a step back and prioritise our wellbeing. It's easy to let the basics slide in stressful times but we need to look after ourselves to get the most out of the experience.

Other than sleep, one of the most important elements of your overall wellbeing is making sure you're eating properly. It's very much easy to just grab the nearest breakfast bar and call it a day, but we've come up with some ways for you to still retain a level of health while on a busy schedule.

Starting off with, freezer food!

Although not seen as a delicacy, freezer food can be cheap and super helpful when needing to throw together something quick and healthy. My go-to is a frozen fishcake, frozen broccoli and you can even get frozen mash potato. Keeping a stock of frozen food is great all year round for budgeting but especially when you're in the revision crunch. If you're super lucky, sometimes in February there will be discounted XMAS frozen food that can be super delicious.

Meal prep chopped veggies eat well at uni

Meal prepping is a favourite of mine as you can do it as you go along. I find the best way is to make a meal that is freezable and then create extra that you can portion for future you to enjoy. It works well with dishes like bolognaise, Curry and chilli. All you need to do is throw a microwave rice into the mix and you've got yourself a 5 minute meal.


Ready meals, there's some great places to get 3 for 2 on ready meals which can come in helpful when exam stress starts to hit and you find yourself opting for crisps as a dinner.

watermelon slices

Snacking smart, What we mean by this is, picking snacks that are going to be good for you. We don't just mean low calorie we mean things that are going to give you positive energy such as nuts and fruit. A lot of people may forget to eat when they're stressed so by having snacks ready for you to have throughout the day, it will helpfully prompt you to take a bite every now and then to keep your energy up. For the people who know, don't forget to bring the emotional support water bottle with you to the library, gotta stay hydrated don't we!

Drink water


Posted in: Money, Wellbeing


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  • Absolutely appreciate this post! As a former student who survived many exam seasons, I wholeheartedly agree with the importance of eating well, especially during those high-stress periods. Your practical tips on eating well during exam season, like leveraging freezer foods for quick, nutritious meals and the wonders of meal prepping, are both budget-friendly and easy to follow. Smart snacking, especially with energy-boosting foods like nuts and fruits, is a great reminder. Plus, emphasizing hydration with the ever-important water bottle is so crucial yet often forgotten. Thanks for sharing these invaluable strategies – they're a lifesaver for students navigating the stress of exams while trying to stay healthy and within budget!