Conference on Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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The University of Bath hosted the PROSENSE Conference on Prostate Cancer Diagnosis on 12-13 September 2016 – an event part of the University of Bath 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The conference was designed to bring together academics, clinicians and industry colleagues, highlighting recent advances in the field of biosensor development to improve prostate cancer diagnosis and prognosis. It also highlighted some of the work done within the Marie Curie Initial Training Network PROSENSE, coordinated by Dr Pedro Estrela and which now comes to an end.

PROSENSE is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network on "Cancer Diagnosis: Parallel Sensing of Prostate Cancer Biomarkers" (European Commission FP7, 2012-2016). It aims at training a new generation of young scientists in the interdisciplinary techniques and methods required to meet the major challenges in the development of diagnostic tools for prostate cancer.

The scientific objectives of PROSENSE are to improve sensitivity, selectivity, robustness and speed of biosensing technologies for the simultaneous screening of biomarkers. By coupling these technologies with novel and bespoke high affinity biorecognition molecules onto lab-on-a-chip devices, viable fit-for-purpose PCa biosensing products can be developed. The devices will also allow increasing the understanding of clinical relevance of PCa biomarkers and elucidate how the concurrent analysis of biomarkers can inform therapy.

Over 40 UK and international academic and clinical researchers gathered in Bath to discuss current advances in prostate cancer diagnosis and prognosis. Keynote talks were given by Prof Dolores Dolores Cahill (University College Dublin, Ireland) on "Developments in autoantibody profiling to understand diseases, including autoimmune disease and cancer" and Prof Noel Clarke (The Christie and Salford Royal NHS Trust) on "Diagnosis and prognosis in prostate cancer – combining novel diagnostics and imaging to improve outcome".

The conference dinner took place in the impressive Banqueting Room at the Guildhall.


Posted in: Healthcare applications


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