Despina Moschou - new Prize Fellow in Bioelectronics

Posted in: Healthcare applications

Dr Despina Moschou has recently been appointed as a 50th Anniversary Prize Fellow in Bioelectronics within the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering at the University of Bath.

Despina has a MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a PhD in Microelectronic Technology. Since 2010, her main research focus has been to apply her microfabrication and microelectronic device expertise in the development of disposable Lab-On-a-Chip systems for bioanalytical applications (molecular and immunoassay-based Point-of-Care diagnostic devices). For the past 6 years she has been pursuing the Lab-on-Printed Circuit Board approach, in an effort to realize disposable, mass-manufacturable Lab-on-Chip microsystems for the first time. Her interests also include inkjet printing technologies, adding further functionality to biomedical diagnostic systems.


Posted in: Healthcare applications


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