The job hunting apocalypse…

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I have just been outside the library talking to students about their job hunting nightmares! If you are passing by, say hello!  I got the sense a lot of students have turned into Zombies when it comes to job hunting – for a number of students, it’s an apocalypse out there and you have decided to give up on finding a job!

Here are some of the reasons why students have given up:

“I am down to get a 2:2; there is no way I will find a job”

“I don’t know if I am good enough”

“I want to be an x but there is nothing out there for me”

I am a huge fan on the TV series The Walking Dead and am going to utilise my love for Zombies to share some job hunting survival strategies.

  • Look beyond the doom and gloom: news that 83 graduates apply for every job is eye catching, but this is only true of the large graduate schemes which only make up 12-15% of the job market. Feedback from employers is there is a war for talent with start-ups and blue chip companies recruiting heavily.
  • You can survive a 2:2: while some graduate schemes use 2:1 classification as a way to sift applications this is not true of all employers! I just did a quick search on and counted at least 20 grad schemes which accept a 2:2. Not to mention SME’s and start-ups, who often don't have such stringent requirements. So it is worth exploring alternative routes into the sector of your choice. Check out this amazing list  produced by Warwick Careers of employers who consider a 2:2!
  • Easier to survive in groups: using your network can be a great way of finding out about opportunities that aren't advertised, inside scoop on what particular employers look for and what it’s like to work for a particular organisation. Talk to your professors, peers, employers on campus, Bath alumni and careers advisers. Use tools such as LinkedIn to make connections.
  • Take your time: avoid diving mindlessly into applying for jobs, just because everyone around you is! It can be invaluable to step back and reflect on what you really want to do. Sometimes taking a year out and focusing on learning about a sector through internships and work experience will not only build your CV but also allow you to make clearer and informed decisions.

Remember you don't have to loose your brains while looking for a job! Come and see us in Careers and we will support you all the way.

Happy Halloween!


Posted in: Finding a Job, Graduate Jobs


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