Could you win at the 2015 Undergraduate of the Year Awards?

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Last year Baran Ceylan, Business Administration student at Bath won the Future Business Leader of the Year Award
, sponsored by Mars. In addition Konstantinos Voulpiotis (Construction Engineering and Design Undergraduate of the Year)  and Marie Godet (Languages Undergraduate of the Year) were shortlisted.  There are Undergraduate of the Year Awards available for top undergraduates in: IT and computer science; management; law; mathematics, economics and finance; engineering; construction, engineering and design; and low carbon energy. There are also three special awards: the ‘Future Business Leader’, open to students from any discipline; the ‘Female Undergraduate of the Year’, open to the best female undergraduates; and the ‘Languages Undergraduate of the Year’, open to multilingual students.

Winners’ prizes include exclusive internships, lunches with directors and trips to the USA, South America, the Far East and continental Europe. The final ten students in each category will be invited to the Undergraduate of the Year Awards in Canary Wharf London on 24 April 2015 where the winners will be announced by event host Fiona Bruce.

To find out more and enter, visit the Undergraduate of the Year Awards website.


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