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I was reading an article today on the BBC News website where people are griping about how their job is portrayed on TV. With the number of TV dramas that involve police, legal professionals, scientists, doctors, teachers and their like, you could expect to get a very clear idea about what it is to work in those professions. Indeed the CSI series is said to be single handedly responsible for the rise in Forensic Science degrees.  I recognise how these professionals may feel frustrated by other people's lack of understanding of what their jobs involve; I know I've been there myself. Correct fictional interpretation of a job should mean the writer does their research. Indeed some TV dramas may have a consultant who advises them on medical, legal or science matters and a quick look through the credits usually reveals if someone is in that role. However even where there is a relevant consultant the likelihood is that any advice will be overridden if a more dramatic effect can be achieved by a deviation from the facts.

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If you have felt inspired to do a job because of fictional account you have read then make sure you look in more reliable places for information. Professional association websites are a good place to start. We have chosen a number of websites for various occupational areas that we think are most helpful to you and placed them in the catalogue on our website. We would also recommend looking at the job profiles you can find on the websites Prospects and TargetJobs. Once you have read what you can then the next step is to talk to people who are doing the job. Read the relevant pages about networking in our Finding a Graduate Job guide. Make sure you check out the Bath Connection to see if there are any Bath alumni who can help you. Remember you can talk to an Adviser at anytime, whether you have a clear idea or not about your future career plans.

Posted in: Careers Resources, Networking, Tips & Hints


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