Safer Internet Day today what should you be doing?

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Today, Tuesday February 10th, is Safer Internet Day. Surely, you are thinking, this is just for the kids? Well it is true that the emphasis is on making the internet a safer place to be for young people but we all need reminders about dangers from time to time.

More and more employers are checking candidates out online. So it is something you need to take on board.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I taking the right steps to ensure my digital identity is all that I want it to be?
  • Can I keep separate my personal and professional online activity?
  • When I Google myself am I happy with what others see about me? Employers may be checking you out before an interview so will they like what they see?
  • How can I use Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging to build my online identity as well as to network and job-hunt?

Check out our webpage on Digital Literacy for advice.

Posted in: Social Media


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