Disclosing your disability to employers

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This afternoon we delivered our first Webinar as part of the Enable Careers Programme. We talked about whether you should disclose your disability, long term health issue or mental condition to an employer.

We understand whether you want to disclose a disability to a potential or current employer can be a difficult decision and is a very real worry for a lot of students looking to enter the workplace .  Whilst concerns exist about how disclosing an illness or disability may affect chances of a job offer, the landscape is slowly changing. The Equality Act 2010 seeks to protect candidates as it prevents employers from discriminating on the basis of a disability.

In regards to disclosure, we shared the following advice this afternoon:

  • Its your choice: you are under no obligation to disclose! It is your choice and you can chose to disclose when you want (at application stage, before or during an interview, when an offer is made or before starting work). Worth remembering, once you've told an employer about your disability, you’re protected by the Equality Act 2010. This means your employer must take all reasonable steps to provide the necessary adjustments and mustn't discriminate against you because of your disability.
  • Be prepared to discuss your disability: once you have disclosed you must be prepared to give the details of your disability and discuss the adjustments you require. Our advice is to be positive and offer employers guidance around the support you need.
  • Talk through the pros and cons: if you are unsure, please talk to Saiyada Fazal, our careers adviser who supports disabled students at Bath.
  • Be positive: when discussing your disability, emphasise the skills you have gained and ways you manage your disability.

You may want to explore the very comprehensive advice on the Target Jobs website.

Posted in: Diversity


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