Top 5 Time Management Tips!

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We understand this is a really busy time for Bath students, with project deadlines, exams and having to fit in job hunting. There are times it just feels too much; so we thought we would share our top time management tips to help you stay sane during this crazy busy period.


  1. Urgent vs important grid — Make a 2x2 grid with ‘Important’ and ‘Not important’ across the top and ‘Urgent’ and ‘Not urgent’ down the side. Allocate your tasks to the four squares in the grid. This will help you prioritise what is important.
  2. Batching — Group tasks by similarity, e.g. same location, involving same people, using same resources. Do similar tasks together as this will save you going up and down the campus!
  3.  Motivation by action — Don’t wait for motivation to strike. Whatever you are putting off, just start it and allow yourself to stop after a fixed time period (it can be as little as 5 minutes). It doesn’t matter if you haven’t made much progress. See if starting it has made you more motivated to engage with it later.
  4. One big thing — Each day decide on ‘one big thing’ that you are going to make a start on. Allocate time to spend on starting it.
  5. Energy scheduling — Try to schedule particularly demanding tasks for times in the day when you tend to have most energy.

Finally, ask for help! Pop into careers and talk to us about a realistic job hunting plan. You'll be amazed how much we can accomplish together in 15 minutes, so book a Quick Query today!

Posted in: Advice, Tips & Hints


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