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Some of the careers team and over 60 final year students gave up their Saturday to participate in Careers Prep in a Day. This was the first time we ran such an event and were absolutely buzzing at the end. The premise of the day was to support our final year students in getting to grips with all aspects of starting their graduate job search upon graduation. In one action packed day we discussed:

  • Alternatives to grad schemes.
  • How to work with recruitment agencies and how to make speculative applications.
  • Provided practical help with writing CV's, cover letters and completing application forms
  • Explored typical interview questions and assessment center activities

We were blown away by the participants - there were lots of insightful questions, sharing of experiences and tons of positive energy! For those of you who couldn't join the event, here are some of the key  points:

  1.  Decisions are scary: sometimes everyday decisions like "where do we go on Friday night" can result in paralysing doubt. So it is hardly surprising that choosing a graduate career should cause anxiety and stress! Think of career planning in small steps - if you are unsure of what you want to do then focus on exploring ideas or simply updating your CV may give you the feeling that you are moving in the right direction.
  2. Your first job isn't your final job: many graduates think their first job will determine their future career path. It won't. You will change. The world of work will change, so try to think instead about what you'd like to do in the next 12-24 months to make the decision more manageable.
  3. Grad schemes aren't the only option: there are an estimated 5.2 million SME's in the UK. I came across this excellent blog from the University of Leeds which summarises the graduate opportunities within an SME.
  4. 2:2 isn't the end of the world: many students believe that if you get a 2:2 you have no hope on getting on a grad scheme or even a graduate role. This is a myth! There are plenty of graduate schemes that accept a 2:2 - check out our blog post on this very subject!
  5. Harness the power of social media: LinkedIn and Twitter are invaluable job hunting tools, with some employers choosing to advertise only on social media. Start following companies that interest you or join a professional group on LinkedIn.  Social media allows you to tap into the hidden job market.

We understand this is a stressful and busy time for many of our finalists... so it is worth bearing in mind we are open throughout the summer and you can continue using the careers service here at Bath after you graduate.

Finally, if you are a Masters student, we are hosting a Careers Prep in a Day event just for you on Wednesday 3rd June! Please log into MyFuture for further details and to register.

Posted in: Advice, Graduate Jobs, Tips & Hints


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