New Books in our Careers Library!

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We have a small reference library of carefully selected career books in the Careers Service. Come in and have a browse and a read, or find a list of what’s in stock in our online catalogue.

Newly purchased items are listed online and we have recently bought the updated, 2015/16 edition of John Lees’ How to get a job you love.


Now in its 8th edition, this book was first published in 2001, regularly tops the list of best-selling careers books by British authors and comes highly recommended by our careers advisers.  The title alone has instant appeal. Who wouldn’t want to get a job they love when, according to the author, we spend about 10,000 hours at work in a lifetime?

Many students call into the Careers Service for the first time because they would like help preparing a CV. We are happy to provide this support, but often find that students haven’t first spent time exploring what they would like to do after leaving university and the type of work they are suited to. This process is crucial and will save you time in the long-run, but does require thought and effort. How to get a job you love is an accessible guide to identifying your interests, motivations and hidden knowledge, matching these to a job and then securing that job. It can be hard to step back and analyse yourself in this way, but the numerous practical exercises, with details of how to interpret the results, and ‘must do’ action lists at the end of each chapter should help anyone feeling stuck, lost or confused to make some progress.

Please ask at Reception in the Careers Service if you would like to see this book and also note that a whole section or our website is dedicated to helping you Choose a career

Posted in: Advice, Careers Resources, inspire


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