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Often during our Development programme, we are running multiple sessions at the same time. And that inevitably leads to students telling us 'I would love to go to both, but can't - is there any way I could have the slides for session x?'

Well, we aim to please - and now we have gone one better. We have experimented with the lecture capture system and have recorded a couple of sessions for your convenience.

So, if you are an international student wanting to get a little more familiar with the UK job market, have a listen to our session on 'Understanding the UK job market for international students'.

Also, for any of you interested in further study, our session on 'Postgraduate study - is it for you?' is also available.

You will get the slides and the audio, and as with any lecture that is captured you can skip to the bit that interests you or listen to the whole session. The sessions can be viewed on or off campus - just use your Computing Services login if you are prompted for one.

We would love to know what you think of this service - if you find it useful, we can arrange for more of our talks to be captured next semester. And if you have recommendations for sessions you'd particularly like recorded, do email us at Of course, workshops such as the international students series or the assessment centre workshops don't work but any of the hour-long ones can in theory be recorded - all we need is notice (to arrange recording!)

Posted in: Careers Resources, Labour Market Intelligence, Tips & Hints


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