UCAS points and international qualifications

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This afternoon I met a student from Mexico who was applying for graduate schemes. She was a bit stuck as the application form required UCAS points - while there is no direct way to provide a UCAS points equivalent for international qualifications, there are some strategies and organisations you can use to help.

  • Email or telephone the employer giving full details of your qualifications and grades and ask for their advice about what you should put on their application form.
  • Check with your academic department and ask them if they translated your international qualifications into UK equivalents when you applied.
  • If your academic department doesn't have this information then ask them what the entry requirements are for your course in terms of level of  UCAS points. Then explain to your potential employer that you were accepted onto a course that requires this level of pass. You may want to note that Bath does not select on the basis of UCAS points so there will be a degree of guess work involved.

You may also want to bear in mind, larger graduate recruiters will usually accept international qualifications. Simply list your qualifications and grades including percentages if possible. Some employers may have their own way of assessing international qualifications such Deloitte while some employers such as PwC no longer use the UCAS system as part of its application process. Therefore it is important to research different employers and their requirements before you embark on applications.

Finally, the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the UK (NARIC) is an organisation that specialises in comparing international qualifications for the UK. They can tell you whether your international qualification is broadly equivalent to A-Level study in the UK but they cannot directly compare your previous grades to UCAS points. NARIC usually charge a fee for a written assessment, but have an advice line for simple queries from students.

Posted in: Advice, Applications


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