Recruiters' most hated CV phrases revealed...

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How long do you spend reading a potential candidates CV? New research from the New College of the Humanities has revealed that recruiters on average make their minds up in less than 60 seconds. The findings came after researchers interviewed over 860 recruiters, with 20 per cent said they discard a CV before getting to the end, while on average they spend an average of just three minutes and 14 seconds looking over an application.

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The research also looked at the biggest employer gripes with a CV, with the biggest being spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, followed by a too casual tone including using terms such as ‘you guys’ or signing off with ‘cheers’. Other turn off’s including using jargon and clichéd quotes, such as using ‘perfectionism as a weakness, and having a CV over two pages long.

These are the top 10 phrases on CV's that enrage employers.

  • "I'm a hard worker"
  • "I work well under pressure"
  • "I can work independently"
  • "I'm a team player"
  • "I am a problem solver"
  • "Good communicator"
  • "I'm proactive"
  • "I am a good listener"
  • "I'm enthusiastic"
  • "Excellent written communication skills"

If any of these phrases appear on your CV and you are not sure how to convey your skills; then book a drop-in with one of our careers advisers. In less than 15-minutes we can help you transform your CV.

Posted in: Advice, Applications, Careers Resources


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