5 career management lessons from Her Majesty...

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Her majesty the queen celebrated her 90th birthday yesterday and shows no sign of slowing down. Whatever your view about the royal family, the UK's longest reigning monarch has experienced and adapted to much change and there are many lessons that can be learnt from her that are relevant to leadership and career management.

Queen Elizabeth II

  1. You might end up doing the top job: When her majesty was born, she was third in line for the throne. But less than a year after her uncle Edward VIII succeeded King George, he unexpectedly abdicated the throne in pursuit of love. So when her father succeeded his brother as king in 1936, she was next in line and the rest is history. In the workplace, you may find yourself unexpectedly in a position of leadership or in the midst of a major change. How you deal with the unexpected is key - staying positive, maintaining communication and not losing sight of the bigger picture are essential skills.
  2. Embrace change: 91% of HR directors think that by 2018, people will be recruited on their ability to deal with change and uncertainty says The Flux Report by Right Management. The labour market is constantly changing and technology is having a huge impact on the world of work, Mind Tools have some great resources to help you develop your flexibility and cope with change positively.
  3. Harness technology: The Queen sent her first ever tweet from @BritishMonarchy  in front of 600 guests in 2014... social media tools are now a daily part of our lives and can be harnessed to not only look for graduate employment but also build your personal brand. Check out out blogs on managing your career using social media.
  4. Commitment: Her majesty has reigned for 64 years and in that time has undertaken thousands of public duties. Whilst there is no such things as a job for life, commitment still matters. Employers want to see you can stick to a particular project or role, develop and grow. If you find a particular role isn't challenging you, then talk to your manager and explore additional responsibilities or projects before jumping ship.
  5. Keep calm and carry on: there will be times when the pressures of work / life will get on top of you. The key is to keep a check on your emotional well-being and if you find the pressure is affecting your health then seek out appropriate support. Sometimes, it is just good to step away from it all and have a cuppa tea - a bit of distance can give tons of perspective!

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Posted in: Advice, Career Development, Graduate Jobs


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