The Student Perspective: One of our Careers Ambassadors attended a session by the NHS Leadership Academy in semester one, and here is what she found out…

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NHS Leadership Academy – NHS Graduate Scheme Business Game

It is a pleasure to take part in this event, employees from NHS really supported us with lots of useful information and shared with us their insights.
The game was delivered in 3 parts. Firstly, they introduced basic information about the NHS, for example, what kind of values they have and what kind of challenges they are facing. The NHS focuses on patient care, therefore their graduate management training scheme reflects the two skills they want the most from their applicants: leadership and motivation from making positive change to improve patient care and experience. Their graduate training scheme is quite different this year. In the first 2 months, employees have the flexibility to go to different placements to learn as much as they want about an area. The NHS is under changing towards being more technology-oriented.

The second part of the session was kind of mock assessment centre in the NHS application process. We were allocated to two groups and set with a scenario based upon problems the NHS are facing now. We needed to analyse problems and figured out solutions in 35 minutes. We had £90 which could be used to use to buy useful information (£10/each) or a solution for one problem (£50/each). After 35 minutes of discussion, we then shared our 3 main solutions and exchanged our opinions with another group. During the discussion session, 3 employees were really useful. They listened to us and gave us their own experience or information. After exchanging solutions, they also gave out feedback about our methods in approaching problems precisely. I can tell that everybody quite enjoyed and learned a lot from their help.

The last part was Q&A, and we were encouraged to ask any question. There was some useful information concluded from what I heard
1. If you apply for role in 2019, you can start from September or April. It depends on you to choose which one you prefer, to give you time enjoy graduate traveling or things like that.2. Video interview is mainly competency based, trying to show your skills. What you did in the past is not important, what is your potential, matters.
3. Trying to show you are collaborative during assessment centre, NHS is a big family which needs everyone to work together to solve problems.
4. Salary c £23,818-Vacancies across England;
5. 27 days’ holidays (plus bank holidays); fully financially-supported study package with study leave; NHS pension scheme

More useful information can be all found from and

Posted in: Career Choice, Careers Resources, Commercial Awareness, Employer Visit Report, Event, Feedback, Graduate Jobs, Sector Insight


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