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Top tips to help you make the most of our services during semester one

We, in the Careers Service, work hard to support students with careers provision throughout their time at Bath. But we’re also a small team. So at peak times our appointments services in particular can reach booking capacity very quickly. Maybe you’ve even heard rumours that it’s impossible to get a careers appointment during semester one?

While it isn’t impossible to book an appointment during semester one, it can be more difficult than at other times of the year. Unsurprisingly October and November is our busiest time of year with 1000s of students heading back to Bath and autumn being peak time for employer recruitment activity. But don’t despair of ever getting careers help! Appointments are not the only way you can access support.

Get Careers Service savvy

You may be surprised to hear that there is actually a lot that you can do yourself. Learn to be a bit more ‘Careers Service savvy’ with our top tips. They can help you help yourself progress along your careers journey a little bit further before needing an appointment. Maybe you won’t even need an appointment at all!

Online resources

Did you know we have well over 400 careers resources available online? These can help you with every single aspects of careers planning – from choosing a career to interview prep.

Check out the Resources tab and starting searching.

Great – but I don’t know where to start!

Not a problem. We have created get started guides that group together key resources across common themes.

Check them out:

That’s cool but I really don’t know where to start – can I talk to someone about this?

Yes – and guess what, you don’t even need an appointment! Our friendly Information Team can talk through what you need help with and direct you to relevant resources. For things like finding jobs, our Information Officers can even show you the best ways to go about this.

Just drop in to our office in the Virgil Building, email, or call us on 01225 386009. We also put Information Appointments in MyFuture that can be booked but the service is exactly the same whether you book or drop in.

I want CV feedback, I just need to book an appointment for this right?

Our Application Advisers will give feedback on CVs but we’d still recommend looking through the get started guide on applications. By using this you can make sure you are avoiding any common mistakes so that our Adviser can focus on helping you to improve the content of your CV.

We’d also recommend checking out our guide to getting the most of our Applications Advice appointment to help you prepare when you do book. This also covers some of the things that our Applications Advisers can’t help with.

Go to How to get the most out of your CV and Applications Advice appointment

Ok I’ve done all that – but I think I do need an appointment now.

Great.  You can book online through MyFuture. Before you do, all we ask is that you read our guide on getting the most out of your appointment. Use this to check that we can help and make sure you have done all the preparation you can do. In Autumn we do put some restrictions on how often you can have an appointment, so it’s a good idea to make sure you get the most out of your time with an Adviser.

Go to What to expect from a Careers Service appointment and how to prepare

I’m still confused and not sure how you can help me

Talk to us! We are here to help you and, as long as it is Careers related we can probably help or know who to direct you to who can. (Although equally if you want an in-depth discussion about the pros and cons of different biscuits, we can probably help with this too…).

If you are ever unsure whether we can help, or how we can help please contact us:

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