Student Perspective: Careers in the Charity Sector by Careers Service Student Ambassador Lauren

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I want satisfaction from my work”…”I want to make an actual difference”…“The corporate world doesn’t make a positive impact quick enough”… Sound like things you’ve thought or said??  

Start looking into careers in the charity sector today! 

Below are 4 organisations among many that are keen to take on graduate students and involve them in their projects:  

The Wellcome Trust is an organisation that seeks to improve health by helping great ideas to thrive.  Overall, this organisation is looking into different sectors and finding out where change can be applied, be it through policy, research or even exhibitions (Wellcome even has its own museum!). 

Opportunities offered to students 

Graduate programmes: Gain transferrable skills and experience and develop a workplace network on which to build (2 years) – applications currently open 

  • Graduate investment programme: Learn about the basics of financial markets and investment analysis and how Wellcome’s long term investment philosophy generates returns to support their mission. (deadline to apply 8.11) 
  • Graduate development programme: Work in 4 difference areas within Wellcome (each position lasting 6 months). Options include policy, communication, science, HR, education and Wellcome collection. (deadline to apply 26.11) 

Internships: opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals and find out more about the types of roles available in this type of organisation. Students are typically put to work on a project in one of the priority areas. (8 weeks) Applications will open February 2020 as the scheme takes place across July and August. 

Find out more about Wellcome 

CharityWorks seeks to to create a network of leading non-profit organisations committed to building capacity through collaboration. Every year, they offer students across the UK the opportunity to apply for 12 month paid placements in either a charity or housing association. Effectively, they put graduates with potential in roles where they are able to develop the skills needed to become the next leaders in the charity sector.  

They recruit graduates through assessment centres but do things slightly differently. The format is still: groupwork exercise, written exercise and interview, however they stress that those around you at the assessment centre are not your competition as they are all about promoting collaboration (sometimes the entire cohort invited that day has been offered jobs). Applications are live 

Find out more about CharityWorks. 

The Next Steps Foundation works towards “bridging the gap between autism and employers by connecting talented individuals to leading corporations”. The founder of the charity was astonished when he found out that 86% of adults with autism were unemployed, 61% of which were desperate to work but just didn’t have access to the support they needed. The organisation has had a very good year, reaching many milestones in terms of getting more support to the charity and helping organisations develop even more career options for people with autism.  

They offer a wide range of volunteer roles including:  

  • Social media and marketing 
  • Mentors 
  • Psychologist and counsellors 
  • Legal assistant 
  • Research assistant 
  • Business development mentees 

Get in touch at if you would like to get involved as a volunteer (applications open), or to find out more about upcoming internships or graduate roles (applications open from September 2020)  


SLV Global offer Various unique opportunities for individuals passionate about global mental health to gain quality experience through programmes and placements designed to reduce stigma and promote positive mental health in the UK and abroad.  

 Placements involve:  

  • Training and workshops 
  • Supported sessions 
  • Working with children and people with special needs 
  • Create an all-around overview of mental health  
  • The opportunity to work abroad 

Find out more about SLV Global today.  

General tips for finding work in the charity sector:   

  • Anyone from any degree can apply to work in a charity 
  • International students can be supported by a lot of organisations, so if in doubt ask! 
  • All volunteering and fundraising experience is valuable, even if it isn’t in the same industry as the role you are applying for 
  • Try out volunteering in a few different organisations to get an idea of what you do and don’t like in terms of different job functions in charities 

Posted in: Career Choice, Commercial Awareness, Employer Visit Report, Feedback, Finding a Job, Sector Insight


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