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Many students come and ask us about either postgraduate study or finding a job or an internship in the US. Here is a brief blog entry covering some excellent resources, tips and advice for those of you considering going across the pond, whether this is for a short- term or long-term stay.

Working in the USA

Unfortunately it can be challenging to find long-term or permanent employment in the US, but there are plenty of internships available for those who would like to stay short - term.

Long-term or permanent jobs

Sometimes the best way is to find a company in the UK which has offices in the US and opportunities for a transfer. This is sometimes the easiest way of being able to work across the pond. However, if you are certain you would like to apply for a more permanent position, you need to be aware that there are strict visa regulations, and you will need to apply for jobs before you travel. If you have specialist skills and/ or qualifications it may be that a company will sponsor you, but this is challenging. Have a look at Prospects Work Abroad and Target Jobs Abroad for more information on labour market information, popular industries and further visa links. You can also find more US industry specific information and city profiles by using Marketline, accessed through library databases.  In addition, have a look at this resource from USponsorme, which gives you tips and advice for the visa process.

Summer jobs and internships

It is easier to find short - term work in the USA. There are usually several summer camp jobs available each summer, we usually have several advertised every year on MyFuture, and sometimes have summer camp organisations come to campus, check Events on MyFuture. You can spend the holiday season teaching young Americans anything from sport and outdoor education to arts and crafts. There are several companies who specialise in supporting you in finding summer jobs. Have a look at Target Jobs Work Abroad and Prospects Work Abroad for links to these.

Students, recent graduates and professionals can also apply for the J-1 visa, which allows you to work from 12 to 18 months in a temporary position or internship. You can either find your own internship and then apply for the J-1 visa or there are several internship organisations which support you every step of the way, finding the internship and helps you with the visa application. Again, a list or relevant organisations and further links can be found on TargetJobs Work Abroad and Prospects Work Abroad pages.

Applying for jobs in the US

We don’t have specific expertise in US resumes in the Careers Service, but we can absolutely give you general advice on how to write your CV, for example by looking at our step by step guide and/or come to one of our Application Advice appointments.

However, we are able to give you a few additional resources that will support you writing your CV and job applications. For example, Kick start your career ebook has a section on US resumes. You can also check these pages from Oxford and Exeter, which have helpful tips and advice on US resumes.

We wish you all the best job - hunting!

Postgraduate study in the USA

USA has some of the best universities in the world and therefore many of you are keen to continue your further study in one of USA's high ranking universities. It is one of the most popular places to study for international students from around the world.

One key piece of advice is to start the research and application process early! We advise to start researching institutions and programmes at least 18 months in advance of enrolment and start your application process 12 months in advance. Studying in the US is expensive and it is important to start the research early, not just for applying to the programme but also to apply for any scholarships available as these generally have early deadlines. There may be additional entry exams to take, see here for a couple of resources. In addition, applying for a student visa can also be a lengthy process.

Fortunately there are several great resources out there, one of the best is Fulbright Commission, who often visits campus in the Spring, so watch out in MyFuture Events during the Spring term. They have specific sections on their website which supports you in detail with regards to finding programmes, what type of programmes, in addition to funding and application advice. They even have an easy to use timeline and a great graduate study guide. The website even have detailed support on how to write a personal statement.

If you are looking for scholarships and further information, also have a look at our excellent Further Study Abroad section on MyFuture and a list of postgraduate funding links.  Make sure to check regularly on MyFuture Opportunities, as sometimes we advertise scholarships there.

For PhD information, FindaPhD has a great resource covering applying for PhDs in the US. PhDs in USA usually takes 4-6 years and often include both a master and a PhD in those years, so bear that in mind when researching.

For general information and an easy to read overview, also read Prospects Study Abroad and Target Jobs Study Abroad pages.

We wish you all the best with your further study research!

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