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One of our Careers Ambassadors recently attended a Dyson event on campus. Here is what they found out. 

On 18th November Hannah Astley and Tim Cahill from Dyson visited University of Bath and shared their experience on working in Dyson and its Graduate Program Scheme.

Dyson’s ethos is to retain talent and help them build their careers. One of the ways it does that is through The Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology, with the aim of developing best engineers of the world. As an employee there is a wide spread of social events to take part in, for example; Christmas parties, Summer Parties, Christmas Tree designing made from Dyson products. There are also events like; Black Friday wherein employees across divisions visit a retail store and sell products – giving them sales experience for the inexperienced.

The Graduate Scheme is a 3-year program. While in the first year you work in the Malmesbury office, second year onward, you get an opportunity for International placement to Europe or Singapore. There are also quarterly sessions to help you improve and many opportunities to take up additional projects/responsibilities to add value to your team. Starting salary for this program is £29,000 with a performing and joining bonus.

Finance Placement Scheme is a 6-month placement and an opportunity to earn a graduate job offer. At the end of the 6-month placement, you if you wish to stay on, you can present to HR and senior managers why you want to work for the graduate program. This also counts towards the 1-year experience required for the Graduate Program, with starting salary at £19,000.

The application begins with filing an online application and motivation form explaining your reasons for choosing Finance and Dyson. Upon selection, you move to Digital Interview, which involves answering questions by recording yourself. Performing successfully at that stage, you are then invited to the assessment centre where you are asked to perform individual and group exercises, have lunch with current graduate programs, and get a tour of the campus.

Dyson is a great organisation for personal growth and for those looking to experience a friendly culture at work!

Posted in: Event, Sector Insight


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