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Love them or hate them, job interviews are a crucial part of the vast majority of job selection processes. In theory they are all about an employer assessing whether you are fit to do the job you have applied for. However, in reality they can often be a minefield of odd questions where it can be unclear what the best answer should be!

To help you navigate the ranges of questions employers can throw at you we have created a new video series covering the most common types of interview question:

  • competency
  • motivation
  • tell me about yourself
  • strength
  • weakness

In these videos you'll find lots of information on why these questions are asked, what employers are looking for and how to give a good answer. You'll also see University of Bath students having a go at answering these questions.

Careers Adviser Saiyada Fazal said:

These videos show what ‘good’ looks like when answering typical interview questions and teach valuable techniques that can be the difference between interview success and failure. If you want to give yourself the best possible chance at succeeding at your next interview make sure you watch these videos!

You can find these videos in the resources tab on MyFuture by searching how to answer common job interview questions. Or follow this link to go directly to them. 

Don't forget that MyFuture has lots of other resources to help you with interview preparation. Check out our get started guide for employer selection processes to view our key resources. 

Posted in: Careers Resources


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