The Easter Careers Hop-a-Long

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It’s almost Easter and most of us will have a few days to rest, focus on other things than academic study and work, and taking care of ourselves, our friends and family. Therefore I invite you hop-a-long this eggcellent Easter careers journey where we share our tips on how to continue smiling and hoppying for the Easter holiday, so that we can all get refreshed, hoppy and sugared up for life after Easter.

  • Find some chocolate

I dear you, put aside those academic books and do what I have done, go and get some chocolate and look at it longingly every day until Friday, where I’ll allow you to open it and eat at your heart’s content. I’ve got two big bars of seasalt and caramel chocolate, what do you have? Exeter Cathedral even has a virtual Easter egg hunt just for you.

  • Get some eggs-ercise

Well, I dare you to hide lots of eggs around your home and garden (if you are lucky to have one) and time yourself to see how quick you can find and eat all of them. That was one of my own ideas, however, more eggcellent ideas may be to attend one of the wellbeing classes that the Edge are offering (free till 17th April), or join an exercise class online, there are many classes to hop on to, search your local fitness centre, on Facebook or youtube. Or just go for a walk when you can. Personally, I will attempt this during Easter, I’ll be a hoppy dance professional in no time!

  • Don’t worry, be hoppy

During this difficult time, we all need to take our minds away from the worry, and focus on what makes us smile, calm our minds and feel more relaxed. My first tip is to stay away from the news as much as you can, second is to look at wellbeing resources online if you struggle to calm your mind, there are apps such as Calm and Headspace. Here is a list of additional apps that can help with your mental health from NHS. I myself am finding yoga to be a helpful mind relaxer, even though it is sometimes hard to get going.

  • Get creative

Whether it is painting easter eggs, on an egg, on a piece of paper (or on yourself?), you could use this Easter to try something new. Mine is learning how to play the guitar through an online guitar course. If you enjoy online courses, then Futurelearn and Coursera will have plenty of courses on all kinds of topics.

  • Do nothing

If doing nothing is what makes you feel better, then just brushing your teeth and getting dressed for the day will be enough. Don’t feel under pressure to start lots of hobbies, or do lots of exercise if this will only make your more stressed. Allow yourself to chill, sleep, rest, and savour the energy this gives you and take care of your own wellbeing.

  • Connect - Everyone needs a friend who is all ears

Connect with friends, family and others, you never know who might enjoy your well-thought out Easter-puns, Easter egg-drawings, videos of yourself doing an 80s dance, some awful sounding chords on your guitar or…. just a few compassionate words to the people you care about, eggcellent smiles and easter love will go a long way.

And for all of the above, join the Bath SU Corona Community for ideas, warmth, connections and Easter fun.

That’s all yolks - have an eggstraordinary Easter!

(Please note: The Careers Service will be shut from Friday 10th April to Tuesday 14th April, but we will be happy to receive all your Easter puns, ideas and videos.. (and careers queries) from Wednesday April 15th).

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