Doing career research during the Covid-19 pandemic without using Google

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Please note that library databases are only available to those with a current Bath email address. If you are due to graduate this summer, do make the most of them while you still can.

In the Careers Service you will hear us going on about doing your research. As far as we’re concerned, it is always worth spending time researching when it comes to your career planning. Being informed about where to find jobs, what employers are after and what is happening in the sectors you are interested in can put you at an advantage.

In these uncertain times, research is still important. In the Careers Service we are keeping up to date on research into what is happening in the labour market and sharing this with you. There are also lots of resources on MyFUture that can help you with your career planning.  Go to MyFuture

However, we wanted to remind you of some of the handy databases you can use to do your own research without using Google!  These databases go well beyond what you can find on Google and in news headlines, giving you extra details and insights that can help inform your career planning or give you that extra edge when applying and interviewing for jobs.

Library databases for job hunting and commercial awareness

You might be used to using library databases for your academic work. There are several that the library subscribes to that can be invaluable in your career research. All of these can be accessed remotely from your home.

You can access library databases via the handy A-Z list from the library. Go to the A-Z list

The ones you might find useful for careers research are:

  • FAME – lists every organisation in UK and Ireland. Great for speculative applications
  • IBIS World – Industry information for the US, UK and Ireland. Great for sector research and interview preparation
  • MarketLine – country, city and sector profiles. Great for sector research and country research if you are considering working internationally.
  • D&B Hoovers – databases of millions of organisations around the world. Great for interview preparation for a specific company
  • Nexus – news database – collates news sources from all over the world. Great for finding relevant articles for industry or company research.

We’ve covered Library databases on the blog before. Go to commercial awareness, employer and industry research – there is more to it than Google.

We’ve also got more detailed information on MyFuture to help you use these databases:

Go to Using library databases for speculative applications and job searching

Go to Using library databases in your career research

Library databases for coronavirus impact information

Many of the databases we recommend are used by professionals globally to help them assess industries and their current outlook and risk. Because of this, they are now creating in-depth reporting and information regarding the impact of coronavirus.

We’re not expecting that you need to become an expert on the details of how coronavirus might impact industries globally however, you might want to have a browse at some of these resources. They cut out the dramatic news headlines and give you clear information on how coronavirus is impacting different areas. This might help to inform your career plans and job search over the coming month. But we also think they might give you some insights you can use to impress at future job interviews.


As we mentioned earlier, Marketline produces reports across different industries, countries and various themes.

They have started producing dedicated coronavirus reports including a global executive summary which includes information on how the pandemic is impacting sectors globally. The summary also includes a handy list of all the companies involved in developing treatments and vaccines, so if you are interested in pharmaceuticals/biochemistry it is well worth having a look for some ideas of companies you might want to keep an eye on.

IBIS World

If you click the coronavirus banner when you get to the IBIS World homepage you’ll find a list of dedicated articles about coronavirus. Industry profiles specific to each region that the site covers are also being updated to include information about the impact of coronavirus.


Nexus is a huge news database which as we’ve mentioned above can be useful for finding articles on specific areas related to your chosen industry or employers. This is obviously still very useful during the current pandemic. You can search for news related to how coronavirus is impacting on specific organisations or industries.

Access these databases through the Library A/Z List

Final thought

We hope you find these databases useful in your career research. If you need any help using them, let us know – our Information Officers would be happy to advise you. Send us an email via

Don't forget that as well as these databases there are hundreds of resources to help you on MyFuture. Go to MyFuture

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