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My colleague shared with me the other day that in a recent survey, 32% of respondents were thinking about changing careers as a result of the current pandemic. (Source: Prospects 2020).

So I wanted to highlight our Get Started guide that can help you if the current situation has prompted you to start thinking about your career options. Whether you have started a career and are now thinking about changing to something different, your original ideas for career paths now don’t seem so appealing or you are starting to think about your career options for the first time – we can help.

Get Started: career options

We have a range of Get Started guides covering different aspects of career planning. The one for career options has been recently overhauled and updated. It gathers together a curated collection of key resources to help you understand your career options. Taking you through a journey of understanding what you enjoy and value and exploring how this can map on to different sectors and roles.

Choosing versus options

Careers resource superfans might notice we have rebranded this guide from choose a career to career options. This isn’t just a superficial change. We want to emphasise that the process of deciding what role or sector you want to work in doesn’t always mean making one definitive choice. In fact, in these uncertain times having a few different options to consider is probably wise.

Equally – the career you start with as you leave university may not be the one you stay in forever and that is ok too.  Exploring career options is a journey and not a destination. Most of us working in the Careers Service have had some sort of career change over the years. We hope the resources in our guide will equip you with the tools to reflect on your career and explore options throughout your working life.

If you look at one thing

If you look at one resource in our guide, I would suggest it is the tests on Team Focus. I’m not going to lie, the website is clunky but once you get past that, the tests are invaluable for reflecting on your values and personality. Taking some time out to consider the questions and reflect can give you insights but the result reports you get are also very useful. Within our guide you will find further information on these tests and how to get the most out of them.

Go and explore

So, with that all said, go and have a look at our resources about career options.

Go to Get Started: career options

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Further help

Resources are only the starting point. Our Career Advisers can talk to you about the options you are discovering and help you to work out your next steps.

Find out the latest on the 1:1 support we are offering.

You can also email us any questions and we will be happy to help. Equally if you have feedback on any of our resources or services – we would love to hear what you think!  Drop us a message via: careers@bath.ac.uk

Coming up

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Posted in: Career Choice, Careers Resources


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