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We in the Careers Service hope that you are all doing well and are looking forward to a new Spring term at the University. The days are getting longer, it is closer to the summer and with the positive news about the vaccines, we hope the new term brings some hope as well.

Even though we are mostly a virtual service at the moment, we are still here to support you with lots of excellent online resources, exciting events and supportive 1:1 appointments. So, what has this Spring term in store for you to help you with your career plans?

Themed weeks and months

To support you in your career planning we have split the next months in a few important career themes:

  • February is all about applying for further study and studying for a Master. Have a look out for talks on MyFuture Events and extra advice through this blog and MyFuture.



  • March we take a closer look at skills in the Covid world of work. What has changed, what has stayed the same. What new skills are needed in the employment market and what are employers looking for in a candidate. Look for events on digital skills and coding and a panel event about how Covid has changed the office.


  • April we will focus on alternative job-hunting strategies as many jobs are never advertised! Events and resources on networking, self – employment and alternatives to grad schemes, such as applying to SMEs (smaller to medium enterprises) are all covered plus an exciting panel event about finding work with recruitment agencies.

Panel events with employer and alumni speakers

In addition to the above panel events, we have additional events coming up which we hope will inspire you and give you more advice and support in your career planning. We have employers, student and alumni speakers giving us their advice in finding a career within charities and NGOs (February) and finding a career within environment and sustainability (March).

You can book a space on all the above events on MyFuture Events!

Keep an eye out for our blogs

We will also write many more blogs about the above events and themes, alongside updates on the labour market, so make sure to subscribe to not miss out. Keep an eye out on the news on the MyFuture main page for new resources.

Follow us on social media

We’ll be posting regularly about what’s happening this semester on our social media channels. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay in the know.

As always, we hope you’ll be kind to yourself. This academic year is one like no other and as things continue to change and hopefully improve, remember to prioritise your wellbeing, take breaks, and get some of that lovely fresh spring air!

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