Careers in Charities and NGOs

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Event Alert: Careers in charities and NGOs panel event next week!

Have a look below for more information about the event, and further resources and advice for you to explore.

If you're looking for a socially conscious career that has a positive impact on people and communities, the not-for-profit sector (working for a charity or an NGO) is a good place to start. Discover what this highly rewarding industry has to offer at our virtual panel event on the evening of Monday 15th February 6:30 -8pm.

This event will give you an opportunity to find out more about working in the not-for-profit sector from people currently working there. Hear what they love about their work, the challenges and how their career journey landed them their current roles. Find out more about how graduates today can successfully get a job and how the covid-19 pandemic has affected the sector.

We will have representatives from five different charities and NGOs including an INGO, a big national charity, a climate change philanthropic organisation, a small education charity and Students’ Union. Want to learn more about our speakers? Have a look on MyFuture and book a space now.

Want to know more about a career in the non-profit sector?

Do you want to know about this sector before attending the event or are you just curious what career opportunities are available? Please see below for a range of resources available for you to explore:

This is a great sector to explore, we hope to see you on Monday!

Posted in: Careers Resources, Event


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