Student Perspective: How the Careers Service supported me during my master’s

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The coronavirus pandemic has planted the feeling of uncertainty in everyone’s mindset, and as an international student, who has to decide what career pathway to choose in this unprecedented crisis, it is difficult.

I am studying for an MSc in Applied Clinical Psychology and this field has always been really competitive, therefore I understand that an outstanding cover letter and CV is vital. The Careers Service send regular reminders to students offering talks, presentations, appointments, and further resources online, so I decided I should sign up for two appointments to gain some constructive feedback on my CV and cover letter.

The Careers Advisers read my documents prior to the appointments to see what amendments I should make; each appointment lasted 20 minutes. After my appointments, I felt less anxious as helpful advice was given by the Advisers, and I learned about formatting, what needs to be included, and how to tailor my CV and cover letter to a specific job according the job description. The Advisors gave me the feeling of comfort as they are experienced, and understand that students can get confused and lost when seeking jobs.

As I mentioned above, applying for psychology positions - like an Assistant Psychologist - is very competitive, and it always requires clinical experience. During my appointments, the Adviser also recommended I take a look at MyFuture, which included some useful resources specifically tailored to my career interests - such as videos explaining how to apply for psychology posts and a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. It also included a PDF sheet explaining the entry requirements for positions like Clinical Psychologist, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, and Educational Psychologist.

Personally, I think these resources are very important, and reassuring to psychology students unsure about their future job prospects. These resources provided by the Careers Service deepened my understanding of what kind of experience I need, and application tips for a Doctorate degree.

Help from the Careers Service has clarified my confusion, and widened my understanding of career choices in the psychology field. I would definitely recommend them to other fellow students - it’s important to seek help and services from the University when you feel lost; they are always there to provide information you may not know.


Coco Cheung, MSc Applied Clinical Psychology

Posted in: Advice, Career Choice, Career Development, Careers Resources, Tips & Hints


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