Student Perspective: Three ways the Careers Service can help you find a job during your master’s

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I am an international master’s student in Design Engineering at the University of Bath and I can tell you that doing a postgraduate course isn’t as easy as it seems at the first glance. It isn’t only about more challenging coursework, but also the awareness that there is only one year separating you from the responsible adult life with a full-time job, ideally in your profession. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?


But thankfully students aren’t left alone and there is someone out there making sure that we start on the right foot when applying for jobs. I am talking about the Careers Service, and in this post, I will tell you about three ways that they have helped me complete job applications while studying for a master’s.


  1. Career bulletins


To begin with, the Careers Service send regular emails with the career bulletins. They include information about upcoming online career events and fairs that I wouldn’t normally have time to look for by myself. The bulletins provide links to these events and make it very easy to participate in them with just one click. They give students chances to meet with Bath alumni and ask them any career-related questions. Moreover, career fairs are a good way to make connections with different employees, as well as to find out more about what type of skills the companies want their potential applicants to have.


  1. Webinars


Apart from that, the Careers Service offers a wide range of webinars and workshops that run throughout the academic year. They allow students to prepare for assessments centres and gain useful skills to apply in their future jobs. Recently I took a part in an interesting activity with two business owners that talked us through the basics of launching a start-up and gave us some useful advice based on their personal experience. It was an excellent example of how creativity and courage can lead people to success and that there are so many opportunities out there that we just need to open ourselves up to.


  1. Online resources


Last but not least the Careers Service provides students with online resources that can make life easier when preparing for interviews. There is no better way to get ready for them than practising, but how would you go about it?


Well, what if I tell you, that someone professional has already assembled a set of questions that you can get asked when applying for a job? What’s more, they have also provided an example of answers to them. Sounds like a dream, but it is real. Interview360 is the online library that you are looking for.


Additionally, this service prepares any job applicants for online interviews with the use of Artificial Intelligence. After recording yourself answering several questions the programme analyses your behaviour and provides you with feedback on your confidence level and informs you how you come across to your interviewers. It is a very good method to practise your interviewing skills, especially when you are a shy person. I will use it again for sure.



Posted in: Advice, Careers Resources, For Taught Postgraduates, Postgraduate Study, Tips & Hints


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