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In my appointments with international students on a Tier 4 visa, I find that many students are not aware of the visa options available to them after they graduate nor where to find more information about the working after studies visa options. As a previous international student myself, although in a different country, I have always regretted not having researched my visa options before at the very last minute, which caused a lot of stress and worry at the time. Therefore, in this brief blog, I want to highlight some excellent links to explore and also where you can get more support.

This blog was previously published in 2019, however is equally relevant now. This blog is written as part of the Get UK Career Ready week.


UKCISA is the main website and organisation for international students in the UK and has a wealth of information and links on its website. UK Council for International Student Affairs have supported international students, institutions, students' unions and related organisations since 1968. Make sure to check out the information resources and student blogs.

You can subscribe to their newsletter and get regular news and information straight to your inbox, easy and stress-free. You can also follow UKCISA on social media, see their social networks listed here.

Do you know we have an excellent team of Student Advisers that specialise in supporting international students? They have created a great page of links, vital information and resources, whether you are looking for work whilst you are studying or after studying. For working after studies, have a look at their Graduate Visa resources and Working After Studies resource.

  • Tip 4: Book appointments or attend drop-in sessions

As said above, we have an excellent team of Student Immigration Services advisers who can support you with your queries. Have a look here for more information. It is advised that you look through the information in tip no 3 before booking an appointment, as you may find the answer to your queries there!

Did you know that UKCISA has a phone advice line for students? It is however only open at certain times. Before calling make sure to have a read through their online information as the line is very busy, and you may find answers to your queries there.

In addition, we have lots more resources regarding job hunting in the UK for our international students in our Get Started – International Students guide.

We wish you all the best in your research!

Posted in: Advice, International Students


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