What to do if you can't get an appointment

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Every year in October, it can be difficult for students to get an appointment - they fill up as soon as they are released. We do our best by offering back-to-back appointments trying to help as many of you as possible but we know that sometimes booking an appointment with us can feel more difficult than getting Glastonbury tickets.

But an appointment is not the only thing we can offer you. Did you know there are lots of ways you can access support without an appointment? And by using these other options, when you do get an appointment you will get a lot more out of it. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Use our resources

We have a huge catalogue of resources available for you to use on-demand. Almost every question you can think of - there is probably a resource for that.

From career choice to interview preparation, psychometric tests to job search. We have got every step of your career journey covered.

Make a start with our Get Started guides. Grouping together key resources on common career topics.

Go to Get Started guides

No but seriously... if you want application feedback use our resources!

We know that our CV and Applications Advice appointments are especially busy right now. We see a lot of students in these appointments in particular with the same basic issues: poor presentation, not writing much about their degrees and not providing the right level of detail. We end up spending most of the appointment covering the basics and not having the chance to look at how to tailor the application to a role.

Students always leave with a better application than when they arrived. But an appointment isn't the only answer to improving your application. If you make good use of our resources, you can cover the basics and get your application looking really good by yourself. And, if you get those basics sorted, then that elusive 20-minute appointment when you do have it can be spent fine tuning and polishing your CV.

So try these:

Need a practice? Use our resources

Are you needing help with interview preparation or psychometric tests? Did you know we offer free practice psychometric tests via Graduates First? You can practice

  • 10 verbal reasoning tests
  • 15 numerical reasoning tests
  • 15 logical reasoning tests
  • 3 abstract reasoning tests
  • 4 diagrammatic reasoning tests
  • 3 spatial reasoning tests
  • Workstyle personality questionnaire
  • Interview Question Identifier tool
  • 2 situational judgement tests
  • Assessment centre exercises
  • 8 game-based assessments
  • Watson Glaser critical thinking practice test
  • IPAT (IBM style) tests
  • CAPP tests
  • Checking tests

😲 .. But that's not all!

It also has practice video interview software, where you can record yourself answering different interview questions. These include competency, strengths-based, and industry-specific interviews. You can get automated feedback within the software but you can also share your recording. Go to Graduates First.

And there's still more... we can also offer you eLearning for interviews including consulting case success via eCareersGrad. Which includes videos, example answers and interactive exercises.

Talk to us

Appointments are not the only way to get in touch with your friendly Careers Service team. If you have a quick question why not try:

  • Emailing us via careers@bath.ac.uk or requesting a call back by leaving a message on 01225 386009. We can't give application feedback in this way. But as long as it is Careers related we can probably help or know who to direct you to who can. (Although equally if you want an in-depth discussion about the pros and cons of different biscuits, we can probably help with this too…).
  • Come and see us on our Parade Stand in October and November
  • Attend a Zoom Q&A drop in for applications. A 30 minute open Q&A session where you can get questions on applications (or anything else really) answered. We are running these every week in October.
  • Attend one of our other events. The event might answer your questions and if not, there will normally be time for questions at the end.

Final thought

We hope these options give you some alternative sources of help if you aren't able to get an appointment right now. If you try these options and still really need an appointment then do keep checking back. Appointments are released seven days in advance and we do get cancellations.

Thank you for your patience.

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