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We've added new guides to our resources to support you. If you haven't used them before, we have a curated range of Get Started guides on MyFuture. They're filled with helpful resources to explore various career topics, from figuring out your career goals to developing essential workplace skills. Let's take a closer look at our latest additions.

Deciding on your career options

We're excited to introduce three new guides to assist you with determining your career path based on where you're at in the decision-making process.


Networking can be a daunting word, but it doesn't have to be! Our latest guide is designed to demystify networking by explaining what it entails, providing tips on how to network effectively, and outlining the benefits of networking. Whether you're new to networking or looking to enhance your existing skills, this guide has something for you.

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Build your skills

Developing your skills and gaining experience while pursuing your degree is crucial. It not only adds value to your CV but also helps you to identify your career aspirations after graduation. Additionally, acquiring specific skills can prepare you for the workplace. To learn more about these topics, be sure to check out:

Experienced hire students

Experienced hire generally refers to candidates who have had previous full-time employment, particularly in the same industry they're looking to work in, for at least two years. If you're a student or graduate with more experience than the typical entry-level candidate, we have a guide that can help you identify relevant job opportunities that match your skill set. This guide can assist you in navigating the job market and identifying career paths that align with your experience and aspirations.

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Look after your wellbeing

Taking care of your wellbeing is essential for looking after yourself during the recruitment process and into a successful career. We're here to equip you with the necessary tools to ensure that you thrive in your job. Our latest guide focuses on maintaining your wellbeing during recruitment and the workplace.

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More to explore

In addition to our latest guides, our existing resources continue to be available to you. We have a variety of guides to assist you in enhancing your career prospects, including tips on crafting CVs and applications, acing interviews, and tackling psychometric tests. We also have resources available for those considering further study and much more. Our comprehensive range of resources is designed to support you throughout your career journey, whatever your ambitions may be.

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Further help

We hope you find the guides useful. Once reviewing them, if you feel like you need more support or you can’t find what you need – we are here to help!

You can:

  • Book an appointment on MyFuture
  • Contact the Careers Service via or 01225 386009

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