In your final year? Quick career actions you can take right now

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We hope you’re feeling happy to be back and looking forward to your last year of study. Perhaps you are also looking beyond to your next step after graduation. Whether you have got a clear idea of what is next or still have no idea (which is totally fine too!) - we are here to help.

Read on for some quick career actions you can take right now.

Interested in graduate schemes or a particular company - act now

If you are interested in applying for graduate schemes to start work next Summer/Autumn, I am afraid you have no choice but to start researching and applying now. Many graduate schemes are open, and deadlines are closing soon. Most schemes have deadlines in October or November. Check MyFuture for both commercial and non-commercial schemes or look at external sites such as Gradcracker or TargetJobs. Unsure how to get started or not sure what a graduate scheme is or if it is for you? Have a look at our Get Started – Search for Work guide.

Similarly, if there are specific companies or organisations you want to work for - keep checking their vacancies.

Not sure what you want to do - explore our resources

Still not sure what you want to do? Whether you are still deciding on career options or weighing up whether you want to undertake further study - we can help! Take a look at our Get Started guides to guide you through the process.

Ready or not - make the most of events and fairs

Get ahead in the application process by attending employer recruitment events. We also have our amazing Autumn Fairs in October. Find out about different employers, different sectors and job roles and ask those employers your important questions.

Even if you are still undecided about what you want to do - don't miss out on events. They can be really useful for exploring, ruling out and discovering new opportunities.

Prepare for recruitment processes

Particularly if you are applying for graduate schemes this Autumn, you'll soon be getting to grips with applications, psychometric tests, interviews and assessment centres.

We have resources that can help you with all aspects of the recruitment process. From application tips, automatic CV feedback to practice psychometric tests and interviews. We have got you covered. Take a look at our Get Started guides to explore our resources.

Get involved

It is still not too late to get involved in societies, volunteering and/or get part-time jobs through SU. See what events societies are doing and see if anything interests you and check out local and/or remote volunteering or job opportunities.

Explore, be curious and be inspired.

We hope your final year will be a good one and remember, we will support you as much as we can taking that next step. So keep an eye out for blogs, emails and news from us throughout the year to support you in your final year.

And if you don't want to think about your career right now? That's ok too. We offer lifetime support to graduates so we will still be here, whenever you are ready.



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