Spring Insight weeks/days - what, why and how

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If you’re interested in Investment Banking, Finance or Law, you might be wondering about Spring insight days or weeks. Find out more about what they involve and how to apply.

Why do a Spring insight day/week?

Graduate roles in these sectors are extremely competitive. It is often the students who complete insight days/weeks and internships early in their degrees that are successful in getting these roles. They give you the chance to make an impression early on, while you decide if it’s right for you.

For example for banking and finance organisations, a typical progression might be as follows:

  • First year - Open day, insight day or Spring week.
  • Second year - Summer internship.
  • Third year - Sandwich placement at a bank.
  • Fourth year/final year - apply for the graduate scheme.

Doing an insight program or internship early on gives you an advantage at each subsequent stage. If you do well, a Spring Week/Day might give you advantages when applying for internships.
Some Spring Insight Days/Weeks might only be open to first years on a three year course and second years on a four year course. Make sure you read the requirements carefully.

What are they?

Insight days/weeks are designed for first years, usually happen in Easter vacation and can last from one to five days. They’re run by big companies mostly within the fields mentioned above.

They are competitive, and applications may close before the deadline on a rolling basis. You may want to apply to several and tailor all your applications well. To help you do this, watch our video on writing effective CVs or dealing with application forms.

If you need help financing an insight experience, check out our resource on funding your work experience.

How do you find them?

We advertise insight events on MyFuture jobs. Other places to look are Bright Network's page on first year experiences, and Rate my placement.

Queen Mary University of London has produced lists of companies that provide internships/insights for first years. There is also this Insight Day page from e4s.

What about predicted grade requirements?

Some Spring insight events might specify that you are predicted to achieve or working at a certain a certain grade. If you are in your first year, you are not going to know this yet but don’t let this stop you from applying, There is nothing to say you won’t achieve the level they require. So go ahead and make that application. As you complete modules and assignments, your personal tutor can advise you on what level you are working towards.

Good luck with your applications for insight days/weeks and remember we’re here to help if you need us:

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