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How many times have you been told to break down big tasks into smaller steps? For me, I’ve lost count. On a logical level, I know it works, but it’s not clear how I should go about this process.

Enter a website that uses AI to help with task completion, designed for neurodivergent people. Let’s look at some of its features, and how you can use these to enhance your job applications.

Magic ToDo

Magic ToDo suggests the steps you need to take to complete a task based on the information you provide. Better yet, you can adjust the ‘spiciness level’ to influence how detailed – or not – you want those steps to be. If a twelve-step process sounds overwhelming, you can ask to produce something that better suits your needs.

Magic ToDo's tagline is "Break things down so you don't". There is a text box to add a new item. To the right of this box is the spiciness slider. Beneath the box is the broken results. For "tailor my CV to rolls royce", the steps are: review the current CV, research Rolls Royce, identify specific skills required for Rolls Royce, highlight relevant skills and experiences in the CV, customize the CV to align with Rolls Royce's values and culture, and finally, proofread and edit the CV.


The formalizer tool can help with tone in applications, especially cover letters. Again, you can adjust the spiciness level if you don’t want to be excessively formal. Play around to get different results, keeping your audience – the employer – in mind.

It’s not just for formalizing your text. You can also use it to make your text easier to read, less ‘waffly’, more passionate, or even more sarcastic. (I don’t recommend that one for your cover letter though!)

The Formalizer's tagline is "Turn the spicy thoughts into classy ones, or vice versa". In the first box, the original text reads "You should give me this job because I'm really good at teamwork and stuff". The user has asked the AI to make the text more professional, and selected a high spiciness level. The resulting text below reads: "I believe I am an ideal candidate for this job due to my strong ability to work collaboratively and effectively within a team".


One of the reasons I struggle to get started on a task is I’m not sure how long it will take. (And that means it will take forever, so I might as well not do it. Right?) Even after breaking it down into smaller tasks, it can feel like a lot. The Estimator tool attempts to discern how long a task will take you, so that you can work on your applications when you know you have time. The spiciness slider tells the AI how much difficulty you have focusing on the task, and it will take this into account.

You can also use the Estimator when you add tasks to your Magic ToDo.

The Estimator's tagline is "Just tell me how long this is probably gonna take". It also says "Now also available on Magic Todo items!" In the first box, the user has written "Write a 500 word blog about using to help with job applications". The spiciness level is set to low. In the box below, the AI has suggested it will take 1-2 hours.


Unsurprisingly, we hear a lot of queries these days about using AI in job applications. While AI can be a great tool, its best suggestions rely on the information you provide. Without that information, an AI tool – or even an Applications Adviser – won’t have much to work with. It can’t magic up a CV from scratch.

Like CV360, there are some nuances an AI won’t pick up on, so make sure to sense check your applications and take their suggestions with a pinch of salt. AI can’t create the perfect application, nor can it guarantee that all employers will love it. There really is a degree of personal preference when it comes to job applications, so try not to overthink it. We will always make the ‘hard and fast’ rules clear.

Some employers stipulate that you must not use ChatGPT in your application, and have detection tools to eliminate applicants who have used it.

The University has some information about how to use AI tools responsibly. Find out how to engage critically with AI tools.

The bottom line? Your job application should sound like you. It really is paramount to securing a job you love.

The Judge's tagline is "Am I misreading the tone of this?" In the first box, the user has pasted the first paragraph from this blog. In response, the AI has produced an appraisal of its tone, describing it as "informative and helpful", and "positive and engaging".

Oh, and the Judge tool is fun too. 😉

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