We understand that you want your CV to be the best it can be. We want the same! This is why we recommend tools like CV360, so that you can get automated feedback on the basic elements.

However, CV360 can misunderstand certain things, like having two jobs at the same time. It may mark you down for something that, in your case, isn’t done in error. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but the nuances of CVs, job roles and ATS software make it very difficult to get 100%.

Can I still get a job if my CV isn’t perfect?

Yes! Employers use ATS software in the first selection stage, which means your CV just needs to be good enough, not perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect CV anyway, but we’ll come on to this later!

To get into the green zone on CV360, you need a score of 85% or more. If your CV makes it through the initial sift, it will then go through to a human recruiter. So it shouldn’t matter if CV360 is wrongly flagging something minor, as long as you’ve reached its threshold and entered the green zone.

Do employers use CV360?

No. CV360 is an educational tool, designed to provide basic feedback. It doesn’t know what you’re applying to and won’t be programmed to pick up on key words. It attempts to summarise what your skills align with, but can’t pick up on every possible job you may be suited to.

We don’t know what ATS software employers use, or how they work. The feedback we provide here at Careers cannot guarantee you a job. The only person who can do that is the employer. Ultimately, there are many factors beyond our (and your) control, and a degree of personal preference is inevitable.

Can I get a final check before I submit my application?

To manage demand in semester one, there are limits on how many 20-minute appointments you can book. This doesn’t mean you can’t have more than one appointment – but coming back for a ‘final check’ isn’t always necessary. Our advice aims to empower you going forwards, so you know what to do in future applications. We also write and update our resources for this reason. They are there for you to refer to so that you don’t need a new appointment every time.

It’s also worth remembering that a final check doesn’t make your CV ‘perfect’. There’s no advice we can give you that will tick all the boxes. If that sounds disheartening, just remember no one else can tick all the boxes either! Employers want someone who is a good match, but they don’t expect you to be perfect. Maximise your chances, but don’t panic. There are many stages to an application, and your CV, while important, is one of numerous considerations.

Why is CV360 marking me down?

Dates: Are there any inconsistencies? It’s best to include the month and the year in your dates sections, from when you started to when you finished. There’s no need to include the day. Shortening the month (for example, ‘Nov’ instead of ‘November’) shouldn’t be a problem if you are consistent.

Spelling: We can’t check your spelling and grammar in an appointment – but CV360 can! However, keep in mind that it may not recognise certain brand names, like ‘MyFuture’ for example. If you’re sure you’ve spelt everything correctly, click ‘dismiss’ to ignore this suggestion.

Long, repeated phrases: CV360 thinks the phrase ‘University of Bath Careers Service’ is too long, even though that’s where I work. If you can make something more concise, using Hemingway or goblin.tools, then go ahead – but don’t worry if it’s marking you down for something you can’t change.

Capitalisation inconsistencies: If you’re Randomly Capitalising things Like This, CV360 may have a bit of a strop. But capitalising your degree title is correct, so it all depends on the context. CV360 may not understand the difference between ‘MEng Mechanical Engineering’, and ‘a year’s experience in mechanical engineering’.

Multiple current jobs: This check exists for good reason. If we forget to update our CVs, it can falsely appear as though we have multiple jobs at once. Unfortunately, if you do have two jobs, CV360 will still read it this way. There isn’t really a way around this, so just click ‘dismiss’ if you’re sure it’s a false alarm.

Repeated sections: CV360 will assume ‘Relevant Experience’ and ‘Other Experience’ are redundant – but they’re not! This is something I suggest to students all the time. It helps bring your most relevant experience to the fore, and if the content in each section is different, this check doesn’t apply.

If CV360 is falsely marking me down, how will I get 100%?

You won’t. Nobody will. 100% is not the goal – the goal is to pass enough checks to get through to the shortlisting stage, where a human recruiter will see it. Aim for 85% as a minimum, and dismiss the checks that don’t apply to you. That 15% wiggle room is there to account for these nuances. It doesn’t mean your CV is wrong.

Hopefully this demonstrates how even a high-quality CV is unlikely to score 100%. If you’re still concerned, you can email us for advice on careers@bath.ac.uk or call 01225 386009.

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