Why it's ok to not look for a graduate job right now

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Wait.....Careers is telling you to not think about your career?!

Yes - really. Final year is intense. Maybe between exams, assignments, part-time work and general life, you don't feel like you have got time to think about your career plans. We're here to reassure you this is totally fine.

If you feel like your studies need to be your priority right now – that is fine by us! In fact - we're totally impartial so we're not going to judge you whatever you decide. But if you do want to put your job search on hold for now, we can reassure you that there will still be graduate opportunities available when you have finished your studies.

There will still be graduate jobs

Many companies and organisations have ongoing recruitment for graduate roles throughout the year as they recruit on an as-needed basis with an immediate start date. So it's true, you might miss some opportunities now but there will still be different opportunities later when you are ready to look.

Getting a balance

So you get it, it's ok to not look for graduate jobs. But we know - it's not always so clear cut. Maybe you haven't got the capacity for a full-scale job search but maybe you do want to spend a little bit of time thinking about your career. Maybe you don't want to apply to lots of jobs right now but you do want to make sure you don't miss an opportunity at a company you are really interested in. Check out our blog on managing your career planning alongside your studies.  Which can help you to plan in a little bit of career time. We can help you with this on a 1:1 basis too to work out a plan for your own balance.

We're here when you need us

In Careers we do not have a cut-off date for supporting graduates. We are here for as long as you need us. We will be here ready to help you every step of the way whenever you are ready. And we offer all our 1:1 help options remotely too, so you can access them even if you move away from Bath. Find out more about how to get help from Careers (when you are ready) 

All of us in Careers wish you the best with your final exams and assignments over the coming weeks.

Posted in: Applications, Graduate Jobs


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