Stay Positive

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It is good to be with you. I’ll be honest, life is tough isn’t it. We help each other keep going, but there is a continuing barrage of changing news, and the future is uncertain.  And this week there is the craziness of the American election, a new lockdown starting today… and such a beautiful morning – life is a paradox, with feelings of disorientation today.

The University campus has been very quiet. It has been set up for Covid-19 – as best we can – to make learning and life possible and safe.  And students are here, and we are now well into the first semester. It is good to see them – though it would be even better to see a few more. Universities need life, and that means students, learning and living – growing into the next generation of adults

The other day I met three lads with two footballs, on the parade. Laughing and joking, they cheered me up. I told them so. Were they in the same bubble? “No - different ones” …  but the same society? “Yes – dancing”.   Fantastic – great role models.

I did a workshop with academics. How is it working from home? Do they have any top tips to survive?

  • Be as normal as possible. Follow the hands, face, space rule.
  • Stay positive.
  • Stay aware - be aware.
  • Keep in contact. Work to restore human-human contact. Stay in touch with no touch.
  • Don’t get hooked on the news. Have screen free days. Don’t worry about things you cannot change.
  • Mend and repair – restore not replace.

Where is God in all this? As a man of faith I must ask. Well, He is here. And yet we are allowed to cry out in lament, like the psalmist: “Where are you God?  God please help!” He is…

I end with a quote from an academic:

“Stay positive – it will pass. We have had pandemics before. It is more extensive this time because of globalisation. But light is coming…”

(1st broadcast on BBC Radio Bristol 30-10-20)


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