Finding Hope

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I was out doing my socially-distanced, family bubble, once a day, local, exercise as approved by HM Government when I saw a heartening sight. On a very cold, murky day, in the middle of winter I saw a drift of snowdrops flowering on a grassy verge beside an old stone wall. I was delighted by this splash of pure whiteness. Light breaking into a drab day.

The RHS tell us that these little plants are very hardy. That they can, and will, break through even frozen soil during January and February. When I saw this drift of snowdrops I felt a hint of hope in my heart. New life. Even in dark, cold, murky times. In the depth of winter.

The news concerning COVID seems to be at times, dark, cold and murky. It is frequently disheartening. Yet we can learn a lesson from the humble snowdrop. The lesson of new life and new hope.As we move seasonally from the depth of the winter solstice towards the warmer, brighter days of spring we can move spiritually and emotionally too.

There is something of God revealed in the observation of nature. A natural revelation, or pointer towards the work of Jesus. In the cold ground, coming to life. Light breaking into a dark murky world in a moment of resurrection. Jesus is our hope and our promise. The promise being, that in Him darkness, coldness, fear and loneliness comes to an end. New life breaks through.

So when you feel down, go and hunt for some snowdrops and reflect in prayer on the hope and promise we find in God in Jesus.


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